Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas 2009

Here is our Christmas fun in no particular order. Building snow forts, gingerbread houses and Christmas morning which Olivia slept through most of. It was our best Christmas yet we had so much fun being at home this year. Probably going to run into some problems one day with the clock in the picture of our Christmas tree before the kids saw it but until they learn to tell time we're good. They had so much fun opening their gifts and Dylan saying "oh I can't believe it", and "Santa remembered", and Connor with "this is what I was waiting for". Christmas's are getting more and more fun every year with these kids, they are so crazy but pretty fun too. Almost every night Connor asks me if Santa is going to come again and bring him more presents, it will be a long 2010 at this rate.

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Jayme said...

what a fun Holiday! That ROCKS that you stayed home. We drove up and down the state in less than 24 hours...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! You should get a video camera to record all the fun stuff your kids are saying... I wish I would have done that with Mats and Alana. They are getting so mature so fast... sucks!